What Is Backloading and Why is it Cheaper?

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OK, so you need to move. No doubt you want the lowest quote possible, right? Well, there is a way to help lower your removalist costs.

It's called backloading. Never heard of it? Read on to learn why this removalist method is the cheapest yet.

What is removalist backloading?

Let's give you the facts. Backloading is often used when a truck is returning home from a trip empty. If you're moving to where the truck is returning, you can backload. By backloading, you get your furniture and items moved when the truck would otherwise be empty.

Think of it like this. When you get a taxi home from a taxi rank, the taxi must return to the rank. But if they can pick up someone needing to get near the rank, it means extra income. Extra income for the taxi driver means lowers costs. The same applies to the removalist.

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Low backloading quote costs

Backloading is great for everyone involved. The removalists trucks are always being used. You're happy because it ensures cheap furniture removal. Win, win really. But why is it so cheap?

Basically, you're paying for just a one-way trip. Traditional removalists quote you based on driving there and back. With backloading, you're effectively hitching a ride home on an otherwise empty truck. Secondly, you only ever pay for the space your furniture takes on a truck in one direction.

At the end of the day, a removalist would rather earn some income than none. That's why this really is the cheap removalist solution.

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