Packing a Personal Bag when Moving House

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Depending on how far you are moving, a moving day can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. During this time, you won't have access to the vast majority of your belongings. To deal with this, you can pack a personal bag and keep it on you during the move. This guide will teach you why you need a separate bag and what it should contain.

Why you need it

Once something is packed in a box, it becomes much more difficult to access. On top of this, once the boxes are loaded onto the moving truck, it becomes nearly impossible. For most things, this isn't an issue. However, there are some things that you will need to have access to in the middle of your move. By packing these things into a separate bag and keeping it on you, you can access what you need at any time. Medication is a perfect example of this. If you rely on daily medication, it can cause serious issues if you aren't able to access it. There are many other examples of things that you need access to, but they will be discussed in the next section.

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Main contents

The most important things that need to be in your personal bag are the things you will need for the day of your move. Think about how long the move will take; If you are moving to a different state, your move may last multiple days. You will want to make an estimate of the time between when all of your boxes are packed and when you can start unpacking. Once you have a rough estimate, work out everything that you will need during this time. Things like your phone and your wallet will always be necessary to have on you. Outside of this, consider necessities such as food, water, and medication.

Toiletries are also a good idea so that you can shower and brush your teeth without the need to unpack. Additionally, whether or not the move will take more than one day, you should pack a change of clothes; It's not hard to work up a sweat while moving in. The contents of your personal bag should be similar to what it would be for a trip or an overnight stay.

Extra items

Depending on the length of the move, it may also be worth packing some leisure items. If you are moving interstate, you will want something to keep you occupied during the drive. Whether this is music, books, a handheld gaming device, or something else, you will want something to pass the time. Even if you aren't moving to a different state, you may not have the energy to unpack as soon as you arrive at your new home. In this case, having something that you can do to relax can be very useful.

For children, it can be useful to pack them one of their favourite toys. In addition to keeping them occupied, this will also bring them comfort. Moving home can be very stressful and the familiarity of their favourite toy can help them to deal with this.

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