How to Move Home in Bad Weather?

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Moving home in bad weather can be problematic. Unskilled removalists may not have the skills or knowledge to complete the move safely. It is important to ensure the safety of all of your belongings during such transportation. Don't leave it all up to the removalists; There are many things that you can do to protect your belongings. This guide will teach you what you need to know about moving home in bad weather.

Can you reschedule?

Because bad weather can damage your belongings, you should think about whether you can reschedule the move. If this isn't an option, you need to think about how to transport everything safely.

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Is it safe to transport things when it's raining heavily outside?

For professionals, nothing is impossible. The key is to protect everything, throughout the transportation, from anything that might damage it.
This is done by using a moving vehicle that is either enclosed or has a protective cover. This ensures that all of your belongings arrive at the new home without any signs of damage.


Surely everyone has seen a removalist take out furniture and put it on the asphalt. If the ground is wet, this can be problematic as it may damage the furniture. Even if the movers may say that only the legs of the furniture are at risk, wind can displace water from the ground onto other parts of the furniture. Professionals from a reputable moving company would hardly allow themselves this. Usually, furniture after removal is immediately loaded into the moving vehicle, protecting it from any environmental factors that may damage it.


It is advisable to disassemble and pack the furniture before transportation. The packing will protect the furniture from rain and anything else that may damage it. Disassembly is only not carried out if the owners insist on it. Even then, experts recommend thinking about it and still agreeing to transportation in disassembled form.

Devices and appliances

Electronic devices and household appliances also need protection. Light rain is unlikely to cause immediate harm to such things; However, internal moisture can cause damage over time. Therefore, all devices and appliances will also require protective packaging.

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