How to Write a Plan for Your Home Move Preparations

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Writing a good plan takes a lot more effort and thought than many people assume. Even so, a good plan is invaluable when trying to do something as efficiently as possible. Before you start preparing to move house, make sure that you write a plan that will help you with the process. Here are a few tips for writing a plan for your moving preparations.


The most important thing about your plan is that it is as detailed as possible. You want to make sure that everything that needs to be done is written done. Once you have everything written down, you must make a schedule and figure out who will do each job. When doing the schedule, you need to be realistic with timeframes. If you underestimate the time that something will take, you may end up behind schedule. Even if it can't be helped, this can be very demotivating and lead to a drop in productivity.

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Digital editing

Because the plan is detailed, it can be helpful to create it digitally. Editing the plan digitally allows you to shift things around and edit them without having to cross things out. It will also allow you to re-order all of the tasks by time once you have figured out a schedule. Although you will want to edit the plan digitally, it is important to print off a physical copy. The reason for this is that you will want to tick off tasks once they have been completed. This allows you to keep track of progress and make sure that nothing is forgotten about. Having a physical copy also allows you to place the plan in place where anyone can look at it.


When deciding on the time that everything will be done, you must have a logical order. With packing, for example, it makes no sense to pack all of your clothes right at the beginning as you would be taking things out of the box every day. Likewise, there is no point in trying to book a moving company before you have found somewhere to move. The main point is that tasks cannot be scheduled at random; A lot of thought needs to go into the scheduling of your plan.

Division of labour

When writing your plan, how well you assign tasks will greatly affect how quickly everything gets finished. You will want to consider several different factors when dividing labour.

The first factor to think about is people's schedules. Assign tasks based on the amount of time that people have available.

The second factor to think about is proficiency. Assign tasks based on what people are good at.

The third factor to think about is capability. This is not the same as proficiency, but rather the amount of work that a person is capable of doing productively in one day. This factor is mainly targeted to children as expecting them to work as much as adults do is unrealistic.

The fourth and final factor is the time required for each task. Ideally, whenever someone has set aside time in their schedule to work, they shouldn't run out of things to do before everyone else. Waiting for something to do not only slows down the process but also wastes the person's time.

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