Three Tips for Moving Home in the Winter Season

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The fact that most people choose to move apartments in the summer is no secret. This means that most moving companies are starved for work during the winter and can reduce their prices by about 30 percent. This is your guide to moving home in the winter, going over everything you need to know for a successful move.


Due to supply and demand, you can expect to get much better prices on your home move during the winter. This allows you to choose from a wider range of moving companies that may have been too expensive in the summer. If the company that you are booking tries to charge you more for working in the rain, it is important that you know that this isn't industry standard. You should also know that they should not be charging you extra due to the rain delaying their transport.

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Enclosed transport vehicle

Even though it will cost more than open options, booking transport for your belongings that is completely closed off is more than worth it. Some companies may not even charge you extra for this, giving you no reason to take the risk. any appliances and cardboard boxes that you are having transported can get ruined in the rain. Replacing these items will no doubt be significantly more expensive than it would be to book closed transport. The last thing that you want when trying to save money is to end up spending more.

On this topic, it is crucial that you ensure that the moving company is properly insured. This goes not only for the transport vehicle itself, but also for its contents. This is know as 'goods in transit insurance'. Don't be afraid to ask for confirmation on this matter.

Try to book on a sunny day

No matter how experienced someone is, carrying heavy items, such as furniture, will always be harder and more dangerous on a rainy day. If at all possible, try to book your transport on a day that you know is going to be sunny. This may require you waiting a little later to book the transport than you typically would. The risk to both the removalists and to your belongings is too big of a risk for you not to attempt to avoid a rainy day. There is also the fact that transport on a rainy day can take longer and risks getting your boxes wet.

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