How to Minimise Waste When Moving House

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There is a lot of waste produced when you move into a new home. A lot of people do not even stop to consider how they could be reducing the amount of waste that they produce. It is in fact, a very easy thing to do if you know how. This article aims to teach you about several types of waste that occur during a move, as well as what you can do to reduce them.

Food Waste

One of the big sources of waste that a lot of people don't think about when they are moving home is food waste. Depending on how far you are moving, some foods may not be able to be transported to your new home without going off. In such cases, you may be forced to throw the food out which is a waste of food and money. The best strategy to avoid this, is to plan your meals before your move. By doing this, you can shop for exactly what you will need for your meals. This means you will not be adding to the food that you already have as everything will be used up as planned. On top of this, you will also want to be including some of the things that you already have in the meals. This will help to get rid of the stuff that is already there. Ideally, if you do this properly, you will have used up most, if not all of your food by the time you move.

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Packing Waste

Depending on what you use for packing and what you do with it, you may end up with a lot of rubbish at the end of your move. The first thing that you can do to help with this is to use recyclable packaging materials wherever possible. Things such as bubble wrap cannot be recycled and thus will add to your waste. Certain types of packing paper on the other hand may be recycled. The second thing you can do to reduce waste from packing is to reuse what you can. Boxes are easily collapsible, which means they can easily be stored for reuse later. If your packing materials are still in good condition, you can also reuse those at a later date. To this end, when you are unpacking, you will want to be careful not to damage the boxes and packaging material. Opening boxes properly with a knife or scissors is the best way to keep the box in usable condition.

Fuel Waste

If you plan to move your belongings from your current home to your new home yourself, you may find that you will be using a lot of fuel. If you are doing this, you will almost certainly need to make multiple trips. Most vehicles are not big enough to transport furniture, and even if yours is, you will likely be unable to fit more than a few pieces in. The best way to deal with this is by hiring professionals to move your belongings. There are plenty of furniture removal companies all across Australia. A furniture removal company will, as the name implies, remove all of your furniture and belongings from your home. After that they will also transport them and move your belongings into your new home. By hiring a furniture removal company, you will be able to avoid wasting time and fuel on driving back and forth transporting belongings.

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