Things that might Increase the Price when Moving Home

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How many times have you heard phrases like "Moving from the second floor without an elevator will cost more" or "The refrigerator does not fit, you have to pay extra to dismantle the door"? The world of moving is full of things which inflate the price and sometimes surprise us in real time. When is it really an exceptional job and how can you avoid surprises even before the removalists arrive?

Getting a quote

A serious professional will ask about all the details while formulating the quote, including information about the place you are moving into. If something seems unusual to him, he may also come and see it to understand the situation and correct the quote.

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Only paying for what you need

For starters, it is important to only work with companies that provide a detailed written contract in advance. If after receiving the quote the situation has changed (if you reduced or increased the amount of items), let the moving company know as soon as possible. After doing this the quote will likely be changed accordingly. Before starting the work, go through with the manager of the building and check that everything matches the initial quote. This will help you avoid any surprises

Another thing that can inflate the price is moving long distance. Transportation with a two-hour round trip can cause the moving company to lose an entire day of work. This will result in an increased cost.

It all depends on the number of rooms and how much you are moving. If the loading and unloading also take a long time, then the price will go up. The carrier can not take the risk of being late for another customer later that day just because your transport took too long.

Heavy objects and exceptional prices

Sometimes, transporting certain things leads to an additional cost. But what are the objects that really need more work from the carriers and which objects are an excuse to inflate the price?

A Piano, for example, is very hard to move and will justify an increase in price. Not every moving company knows how to disassemble and assemble a piano, so piano owners are advised to check if they have experience in the field. Disassembly and assembly of a cabinet will also lead to an additional cost, due to the extra working time. You can always disassemble and reassemble the cabinet yourself, if you have the time and ability.

One of the most common things used to inflate a price is the refrigerator. Some removalists give a low quote on the phone, and when they arrive at the new apartment, they claim that the refrigerator does not fit through the door and you will need to pay extra for disassembling the door. Most of standard refrigerators will fit through a door.

However, when it comes to a very wide, refrigerator, with a water tap and an ice-making device built into the door, it is advisable to hire a qualified technician to disassemble and assemble the refrigerator. Do not to entrust this to an inexperienced carrier who does not know how to disassemble and reassemble these systems.


The topic of tips should be separated from the quotation of the moving company, and is entirely at the discretion of the customer.

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