How to Prepare Early when Moving Home

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Moving house is a complex process, which can be very stressful to complete in time. However, this does not have to be the case. With proper planning and preparations, a home move can be fairly easy. The key is to start early, at least two months before the move. This guide will help to give you a timeframe of when each task should be done during the moving process.

Two months before moving

The process of moving apartments begins about two months before the move itself. At this point, you need to start sorting and arranging your belongings, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. It is recommended to prepare an inventory list of everything that you will be moving, marking any items that will require special packing or transport.

The second thing to do about two months before moving is to start looking for a reliable moving company. Ask for recommendations from everyone you know, check online, ask for quotes, and compare your options. Check what the contract of each moving company includes and what insurance coverage your belongings will have, before scheduling the transport.

Create a binder or folder that includes all the documents relevant to the move: price estimates, receipts, lists you made when sorting, etc.

If you have children, two months before the moving day is the right time to organise your children's transfer to a new school or kindergarten.

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A month and a half before moving

The move takes place in another 6 weeks and now is the time to organize all the necessary equipment: Cardboard boxes (which can sometimes be obtained from the moving company); A sufficient amount of durable tape; Packing material to wrap fragile things; Markers for writing on the boxes, etc. Don't rely on your ability to estimate the right amount of equipment required; Stock up on more than you think is necessary. Once you have everything, it's time to start packing everything for the move.

Moving day

Make sure that the movers who came to you do work for the moving company with which you signed a contract; This will avoid cases of theft or confusion with other neighbours who are also moving on the same day.

Check that everything has been loaded on the truck. Use the list of belongings you made two months ago. When unloading, it is advisable to perform this test again and make sure that all of your belongings have indeed reached their destination.

At least one family member should be at the new home during the unloading; This is to make sure that each box is placed in the appropriate room, as should be specified on the box with a marker.

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