Moving Internationally and Using Furniture Storage

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The universal question confronts people moving overseas, 'Where did I get all this stuff?' You simply can't take all your belongings with you. So thank goodness for skilled international removalists and long-term furniture storage.

Long-term furniture storage

International container space is limited. So you need to decide what is moving overseas with you. Excess belongings and furniture go into storage. To prepare for furniture storage, you need to know:

1. Items being stored
2. Space required
3. Necessary insurance

Storage Select

Furniture storage options

You have two general storage options to choose from, being:

1. Individual storage modules
2. Containerised storage

Your furniture storage choice will depend on the amount of space required and the type of goods you are storing. Experienced international removalists will give you good advice on the best option.
Don't forget to arrange insurance to cover your goods in furniture storage.

International removalists: trustworthy hands

Moving overseas with your family or even alone can be complex and stressful. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone could lighten your load? Skilled international removalists will do just that. International removalists are experienced at easing moving pressure. And taking expert care of your treasured belongings. All Compare Quotes international removalists are quality tested. And you can get instant online quotes based on your chosen level of service. International removalists will:

1. Professionally wrap and pack your belongings
2. Transport your goods
3. Create a detailed inventory of your items
4. Offer safe secure storage

Paying for long-term furniture storage

Furniture storage rates are generally based on:

1. How much you want to store (per cubic metre)
2. How long you want to store for

As you are moving overseas, there are two general furniture storage payment options you can consider:

1. Having your furniture storage facility automatically charge your credit card at an agreed frequency
2. Making payments online

Accessing your goods in furniture storage

For security and operational reasons, access to goods in long-term storage is limited. Give at least 1-2 weeks notice before you require your belongings. International removalists will expertly deliver your goods. They will even unpack for you!

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