Moving Overseas to a Non-English Speaking Country

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The language is foreign. The culture is different. The food is different. Moving overseas to a non-English speaking country has its challenges. From finding a suitable international removalist to local laws. Not to mention furniture storage needs. The hard work begins now.

International removalists

China? Dubai? Perhaps India? Regardless of where you're moving overseas, you'll have lots of questions. And need lots of help. With so much to do when moving internationally, you shouldn't have to worry about the move itself.

Do your research. Find the international removalist that specialises in the country you're moving to. A good international removalist should have knowledge in everything from local:

1. Customs
2. Rules, regulations and laws
3. Insurance needs
4. Furniture storage

Of course, it doesn't hurt to hit the phrasebook and get some local words or culture tips before you arrive!

Storage Select

Furniture storage

When relocating overseas, a common problem normally arises. What to do with my furniture? Should you leave it in furniture storage at home? Or, do you keep it stored overseas with the international removalists until you need it?

Decisions, decisions!

Long and short term storage is available in most international locations these days. Furniture is carefully packed into special storage containers, sealed and safely stored. Decide your needs and shop around. Some international removalists even offer free 14 days storage.

Enjoy the move overseas. Happy international removalist and furniture storage researching in the meantime.

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