Tips for Cleaning a Home Before Moving Out

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Before handing over the keys to your old home, it is important to give it a thorough clean for the next tenants. If you are renting, doing this will likely be part of your rental agreement; If you are selling the home, a clean house will help it sell and prevent you from having to compensate the next owners for having the home cleaned. Regardless, this guide will help you to ensure the home is in perfect condition before you move.

Look for the hidden areas

If possible, it is recommended that you clean your previous how after everything has been moved out. When the home is empty of furniture, the cleaning work will be more efficient and far more thorough. Whether or not you can do this depends on the date that you have to vacate the home by, as well as the date that you gain access to the new home. Doing it while empty is far better, but it won't always be possible.

Focus on cleaning areas that are not usually cleaned, such as the tops of cabinets or places previously obscured by furniture; These are places where a lot of dust and dirt accumulates.
The filters of the air conditioner should also be thoroughly rinsed under a tap. The filters not only accumulate a lot of dust but also bacteria; If not cleaned, this may be blown into the room with every use of the air conditioner.

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Cleaning the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen can be challenging. Due to frequent food handling, cooking, grease stains that are difficult to clean are very common everywhere in the kitchen. This includes places such as the walls, cabinets, and extractor fan. You will need to clean differently depending on the type of cabinet and what it is made out of. Cabinets that are coated can easily be cleaned with dish soap and warm water, but if the stain is on solid wood a specialised wood cleaning agent must be used.

If the kitchen has an extractor fan, open it and clean any grease with a degreaser that is designed for use on stainless steel.

Clean the bathroom

All bathroom surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned using the relevant cleaning products, such as bathroom cleaner, bleach, glass cleaner, and mould remover. As you will be using several cleaning products, you need to check beforehand that none of them react with each other. Certain common cleaning chemicals create toxic fumes if mixed together. Bleach and ammonia are good examples of this as they create chlorine gas which, in a high enough dose, can be deadly. Also, note that urine contains ammonia and should never be cleaned with bleach. The plastic seat of the toilet should be replaced or at least disassembled and thoroughly cleaned in the threaded area as well.

Handles and switches

Handles and switches are some of the dirtiest objects in the house, we touch them with dirty hands from food or after using the bathroom. Before moving to a new home, they must be properly cleaned and sanitised. If the power switches are very dirty or old, they can be easily replaced and their cost is low.

Cleaning marble

It is important to clean any marble surfaces, but it is also important to match your cleaning method to the type of marble. Ceramics should be cleaned using a mixture consisting of water, hot lemon juice, and vinegar at a ratio of 4:4:1; Marble can be cleaned using water and dish soap; Granite marble is cleaned using a mixture of alcohol (the purer the better), water, and dish soap at a ratio of 6:24:1.

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