Creating a Plan for Your Move

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Moving house; It's exhausting. But it can be made easier with planning. That being said, planning is a task in its own right; If you don't do it properly, there isn't much point in planning at all. Knowing how to make an effective plan will make all the difference. This guide will teach you exactly what to do to make the best plan possible for your home move.

Set the moving date

The first step in making a plan is to set a date for the move. Booking the moving company should be done in advance. Once the moving date is set, you can schedule everything with that date in mind. Scheduling in advance has the added benefit of better prices.

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Early planning

Early planning prevents a lot of stress. You make a written plan that includes every detail of what needs to be done. This improves efficiency by avoiding any misunderstandings. A detailed plan will also help to divide the work more effectively, allowing everyone to work optimally. If the plan is done correctly, there should be no chance of any tasks being forgotten about, giving everyone peace of mind.

Division of labour

Proper division of labour will have a significant impact on how quickly everything gets done. Everyone that is participating should be assigned tasks based on their capability and the length of the tasks. Everyone should always be able to find something they can do. Any time that a person spends without anything to do will lengthen the moving process. This is not to say that no one should take any breaks; Just that there shouldn't be any downtime due to not having something to do. Children should also be given something to do. Every extra person working means less work for everyone else, even if they aren't doing much. Giving children something to do will also keep them from getting in the way of others doing more difficult tasks.

Planning the packing

Determine the start and end times of packing for each part of the house separately. Setting times for packing an entire room is unrealistic, there is too much in some rooms to make an accurate timeframe. On the other hand, it is a lot easier to estimate how long it will take to pack a section of a room, such as a closet. By scheduling smaller parts of the packing you are more likely to meet your time goals accurately.


Label all boxes with what they contain and the room they belong to. To make them easy to identify, the labels should be clearly written and concise. Good labelling will make it immensely easier for you while unpacking your belongings at the new home.

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