Guide to an Efficient Office Move

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Office moves require more than a home move. The main reason is that unlike home moves, immediately after the transport, everything has to be unloaded so that work can resume as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to do it right in order to quickly get back to a normal routine.

Hire a Moving company

Each office includes different office furniture and equipment, some of can be quite technical to move. There are different processes that are required for transport depending on the equipment being transported. It is important to know exactly how to pack the equipment in the office without damaging it.

For this reason, it is highly advisable you hire a professional packaging and transportation service. There are companies that specialise in moving offices that also offer services for packing equipment. Additionally, if you also have any large rental equipment, such as a large printer/copier, it is worth contacting the company you are renting from to check if they have a service that will transport it.

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Enlisting the help of employees

A small office that does not have a lot of equipment can use its employees to do a lot of the packing. It goes without saying that any employees that help with the move should be paid for the work.

Its important to finish everything quickly so that the office move is completed as soon as possible. This also includes transporting everything, unloading it, and setting it up in the new office. It is important that you don't try to move anything by yourself that you are not equipt or qualified to.

Organize all the boxes and sort them

Proper organization in the office is critical. Because of this, there are things that employees should pack on their own or take home with them, such as personal belongings.

It is also essential not to overburden the removalists. In order to return to activity quickly, one must be able to differentiate between the boxes and ensure that each box has its contents and correct location labelled. This way, everything can immediately put in the right room. This will also help with unpacking, as you will know what is in each box. Employees can use these labels to unpack anything that will be needed immediately.

Sort the contents of the office

Removalists who offer packing services do not usually ask if there are things you would like to leave. They come to the office and just start packing everything that is there. Therefore, it is advisable to sort the contents of the office and throw away anything that you don't want to take with you.

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