Avoiding Removals Mistakes: Five Rules for Moving House

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You will soon be moving to a new home, the date of the move is set and all of your belongings are packed. However, a poorly planned move can cause problems. To keep you from making the same mistakes as everyone else, we have a list of rules to follow for a successful move.

Rule # 1: Do not forget to compare moving quotes

One of the common mistakes in moving is to neglect to compare prices. In practice, even if the carrier claims it is the best price, check what prices are offered by others and do not rush into booking.

In addition, do not be ashamed to ask the moving company for a detailed quote including the contents of your apartment, the amount of furniture, disassembly and assembly, boxes, crane services if necessary and more.

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Rule # 2: Do not forget to check if your contents are insured

Many customers do not ask their moving company if their belongings are insured. To some of us, this may seem obvious, but when you mix lack of knowledge in the field with naivety, the result can be disastrous.

Rule # 3: Do not book transportation for the middle of the day

When you order transport in the middle of the day, you can safely assume that the removalist has been working since morning which may cause unavoidable delays. For you, this may delay your move and even require another day off of work. To avoid this, you just need to book in advance and make sure to be first job of the day on the scheduled date.

Rule # 4: Avoid moving in the summertime

Seasonality can greatly affect your move. For example, most apartment transfers are made during the summer months, as this is a time that many people have time off. This can result in a significant increase in price.

Rule # 5: Do not book before doing research

You wouldn't let some random person give you surgery, you would first ensure that they were properly qualified. Finding a moving company should be similar. At the end of the day, these are the belongings that you have accumulated over many years, some of which are very valuable.

Finding reviews of the moving company that you are looking at hiring is not difficult. You can easily find reviews from multiple places such as social media, google and you may even know someone that has hired them previously. With how easy it is, it is more than worth your time to look at what past customers have said about the company.

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