A Melbourne Householder's Guide to Moving

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City slickers beware. There is a debilitating syndrome sweeping through Melbourne, striking those moving house. Sufferers exhibit frazzled hair, frantic behaviour and muttering!

Symptoms appear on moving day. They are kicked off by a delusion that moving within Melbourne is a one-day affair. Then are worsened by lack of planning and help during relocating.

Aptly named the 'time-poor mover syndrome', these symptoms are easily treated. Equal doses of expert removalists and early planning are prescribed! Read on to build up your own immunity.

Plan to avoid moving trauma

Moving within Melbourne needs every bit of planning required by an interstate or international move. This means your planning starts at least a month in advance. Leaving arrangements until moving day makes you easy prey to 'time-poor mover syndrome.

As part of your early planning you should:

1. Spring-clean your old home
2. Clear out your pantry
3. Decide what is coming with you
4. Determine storage needs
5. Arrange time off work for moving house
6. Book all required services such as removalists, child and pet care
7. Consider a garage sale!

Getting your old home in order is one part of planning. The other is ensuring your new home is ready for your arrival! It can take time to arrange gas, electricity and phone connections. So get in early to avoid being thwarted at the kettle on moving day.

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The right removalists make light work

Moving house in no time to be a hero. Doing it on your own will soon lose its appeal. Especially when you have capsized furniture and broken belongings to contend with. Professional removalists are the best investment you could make when relocating. Removalists will provide:

1. Professional packing materials
2. Expert packing and unpacking
3. Full household and furniture removals
4. Seamless transportation
5. Storage arrangements
6. A service guarantee

You can leave your precious belongings in removalists' capable hands. So you have time and energy to spare. Great assets when you are moving house and surefire prevention of 'time-poor mover syndrome'.

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