Importance of Living Near Reliable Public Transport

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Public transport is an often overlooked thing when people are looking at where they want to move home. The reality is, the quality of public transport in a city can have a large impact on you life. For some people, it can be life changing to have access to good public transport. This article aims to educate you on the reasons that moving somewhere with good public transport may benefit you, in an effort to help you make a good choice with your move.


Even if you aren't taking advantage of public transport yourself, you may still benefit from moving to or living in a place with good public transport. Having good public transport means that more people will be using public transport to get to places. The most significant of these places being work. By having more people in your city using public transport you will reduce the amount of people that are using the road which reduces traffic. In addition to this, if a lot of these people are using it to get to work, rush hour will be significantly reduced. If you don't use public transport, but you do drive, Living somewhere with good public transport will help you with this by reducing the traffic.

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Good public transport does not only get you places you need to go, it is also affordable. Generally using public transport is cheaper than driving and paying for gas. If you are able to switch to using public transport for your daily commute, you may be able to save a significant amount of money on transport over time. Another thing to consider is that driving also has other costs than fuel. You also have to maintain the car more regularly if you are driving it more. If you are working or even travelling frequently into a city, you will most likely also be paying a large amount of money for parking. Because of this, you may find that moving somewhere that has good public transport could save you money.


If you care about the environment, living somewhere with good public transport may be something that you would want to look into. Whatever mode of transportation you are using, you are going to be affecting the environment through emissions or electricity usage. Public transport addresses this by having a large number of people all on the same vehicle. The outcome of this is that everyone's impact as an individual on the environment is reduced.


There are many people that are unable to drive for any number of reasons. There are even people who simply do not like to drive. For these people, good public transport can be life changing. If these people live in a place with poor or mediocre public transport, they will be forced to either spend a lot on taxi or ridesharing services, or take a long time to get anywhere. If you are the kind of person that does not like driving or is unable to drive, you may find that moving to a place that has good public transport could be life changing.

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