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No doubt about it, moving house takes its toll on your energy levels and nerves. Packing your life into cartons is a major undertaking. Fortunately, you've got removalists on hand to shoulder the weight of furniture and heavy boxes. But there is someone else upon whom moving takes a big toll - the environment.

My big wake-up call came after helping my sister move house. We stood in her new abode knee-deep in cartons, bubble wrap, plastic, tape and polystyrene. Hindsight told us that if we'd chosen sustainable packaging, we'd have greatly reduced waste. Not to mention saving the environment an unenviable job of trying to break down all those biodegradable-resistant materials! So when I took my turn at moving house, I investigated sustainable packaging and saved cost, space and conscience!

Why develop a carton conscience?

Moving house as a family, couple or single makes packaging inevitable! You don't want your belongings to turn up broken or damaged. That's where professional removalists and good packing cartons are invaluable. But not all packaging is created equal and some take the following tolls on our environment:

1. Heavy resource consumption for one-time use
2. Difficult disposal
3. Slow decomposition
4. Pollution of landscapes and waterways
5. Threat to people and animal safety

None of these scenarios are ones I want to contribute to! So I was thrilled to learn of the wide selection of eco-friendly packaging available when moving house.

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There is a brave new world of biodegradable packaging including paper and cardboard cartons. These bring great benefits to both the environment and you, including:

1. Re-usable materials
2. Lighter yet stronger packaging
3. Long-term durability
4. Easy recycling and disposal

So sustainable packing is an invaluable cost-saver whenever you're moving house! You get more for your money and avoid having to buy new packing cartons next time. What's more, the environment will give you heartfelt thanks for using minimal resources. And any packaging you do dispose of will be easy for the environment to 'digest'. So opt for removalists who offer sustainable packaging - it won't cost the earth.

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