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Moving house raises many removalist issues. Just like furniture, moving plants creates many problems. Especially if you're a green thumb.

If you've created a vibrant plant collection, why not move them too? It requires a little planning and extra care. But I'm sure it's nothing a gardening enthusiast can't handle!

Pre-Removalist plant care

So you've made the hard decisions. You've identified which plants you're keeping. That's a good start. But to ensure a safe journey, there are a few key steps to follow.

Carry out these prior to the removalist arriving:

1. Prune plants (if possible) to reduce bulk
2. Re-plant into plastic pots rather than breakable ceramic
3. Treat plants for pests and bugs
4. Keep well fed and watered to ensure peak health
5. Take clippings (just in case!)

The idea is to keep your plants as healthy as possible. Particularly for fragile smaller plants. Do this and you'll reduce transport shock and aid the likelihood of survival.

Storage Select

Moving plant cartons

Just like furniture, moving plants requires special attention. For your smaller plants, you're going to need cartons. These will be the key to moving your beloved plants safely. Just like plants, cartons come in many shapes and sizes.
Matching the right plants to the right cartons is the key. After all, there are many factors to consider when packing.

Apart from packing them securely, you'll need to factor in adequate ventilation. You'll also need to ensure plants remain moist. Also, ensure enough space between the top of the plant and the carton lid. Lastly, and it may go without saying - advise which way up the box is to be packed. The last thing you want is a carton of dirt!

If you're moving interstate, check before you pack your plants. Not all Australian states allow plants to move across borders.

Follow this carton advice and your plants should survive moving house.

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