Moving House in Melbourne With a Family

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People do not fit into boxes. Sometimes moving your belongings is the easy part of moving house.

Moving your family is not as easy as wrapping, packing and labelling each member. If you did this, you would likely label each 'Fragile: handle with care' including yourself! But moving within Melbourne can be a fabulous adventure enjoyed by the whole family. Truly!

Family planning

Planning your Melbourne move can be like writing your own adventure story. Best results are achieved when every family member contributes. Change is less daunting when it is anchored in a clear plan.
There are two very clear chapters to work on. The first takes place in the home you are leaving. About a month before moving house:

1. Decide what is coming or going (a garage sale may be in order!)
2. Arrange pet transportation
3. Book required storage
4. Hire professional movers

Even junior movers can enjoy planning. Kids love packing their own special moving boxes. They may make excellent 'stall managers' at your garage sale too.

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What a difference a day trip makes

Since you already live in Melbourne, make family day trips to size up your new neighbourhood. This is where your second chapter begins. Do some scene-setting including:

1. Meet neighbours
2. Visit kids' schools and childcare centres
3. Buy new school uniforms
4. Identify good school cycle and bus routes
5. Find essential local amenities e.g. supermarket and petrol station
6. Find the nearest café for a fabulous coffee!

These day trips are a great way for families to feel comfortable and happy about moving house.

Hallelujah for Melbourne movers

Fortunately, there is one mammoth moving task that you can handball. Professional movers will expertly wrap, pack and deliver your entire household. Physically moving house has never been easier. Simply use our instant online quotes to find quality tested Melbourne movers.

You can rest assured that your belongings are in great hands. Your movers will even unpack and arrange furniture for you. So you can savour that great cup of local coffee!

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