How to Ensure You get Your Bond Back

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One of the most important parts of moving out of a rental home is ensuring that you get your bond back. For most people, the bond money from this property will pay for the bond at the next place. This means that if you do not get it back, you will have to pay out of pocket for a bond on your next rental property. This can be a significant loss for a lot of people. In order to ensure that you get the money back, it is important that you make sure the home is in good condition. This article provides tips to help with this.

Check Thoroughly

The first thing that you will want to do is check the house as thoroughly as possible. This is a bigger job than it sounds. You will need to be looking on top of, under, behind and even on the sides of everything in the home. The reason for this is that over the time that you have lived there, problems such as mould may have developed in places that you couldn't see. When you are checking, you will want to be noting down anything of significance. This will mean any damages to the home that weren't there when you moved in, as well as any places that are particularly dirty or mouldy.

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Once you know what needs done, you will want to begin cleaning the home. When you do this, ideally, all of the furniture will already be removed from the home. The reason for this is that if you do not do this, there may be things to clean under or behind the furniture. The last thing that you want is to clean the whole home only to find out when you move all of the furniture out that you have a lot more to do. Furniture that is against walls or in corners is especially bad for this, as there will be a lot of wall hidden that could have who knows what on it. When you clean, you will want to be meticulous and systematic. This will ensure that you don't miss anything. Make a list of what needs cleaned and cross things off as they are done. You will want to make absolutely sure that you don't miss anything, as it could make the difference in you getting your bond back if it is significant enough.

Repair Damages

Over the course of your rental period, the home may have accumulated some damage. The amount and the nature of the damage will vary greatly. Even if you do not think that you have damaged the home in any way, it is probably just that the damage is minor. The most easy type of damage to cause without realising is scuff marks on walls. When you do your thorough check as instructed above, this is one of the things that you should be looking for. Luckily, these are very easy to deal with, they should wash off with some cream cleaner, water and a bit of wiping. When wiping you want to be careful not to wipe too aggressively as you do not want to damage the wallpaper or paint. Other than scuff marks and dents, most damage should be fairly obvious to you. Simply repair any damage that you have done to the home so that it is in its original condition.

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