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It's tricky to try and figure out moving and how your home will fit into boxes. Not to mention how you'll make it fit into your new place. This article outlines how to pack and move the things that make your house your home.

Buying boxes for moving

It's important to do a thorough clean of your house before moving. Every piece of furniture should be cleaned and anything inside it should be taken out. During this process, you'll also find you get rid of a lot, especially if you haven't moved for a long time.

Once everything is laid out, you'll be able to judge how many moving boxes, and what size you'll need. Then it's time to get the tape out.

1. You'll need to know the volume (that is length x height x depth) of available moving box sizes. And you need to calculate the volume of what has to be packed inside. Measure up room by room, keeping an accurate list.

2. You will also need to consider weight when it comes to books, records and similar things. When combined, these are very heavy to be moving. So take care not to over-pack those moving boxes.

3. Don't forget to allow plenty of space for packing materials too. Depending on how fragile things are, that could be 10 - 30 per cent of the space in each moving box.

4. Once you know the moving box size choices and how much space you need, it's possible to estimate box quantity. No matter how carefully you've planned, always have a moving contingency of around 10 per cent. You'll be surprised how often just in case becomes essential!

If packing yourself, don't try to do every box at once. Pack in stages, with the least-used objects packed first. Obviously, it's cheaper to move fewer things, so you'll want to streamline the moving process as much as possible. Also, if you're moving to a smaller space, you may need to put some things in storage.

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