Surviving your Home Move: Best Practices for Moving Home

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Moving home is a fun and exciting process; a fresh start in a new home. However if done wrong, moving home can be quite traumatic. Most relocations involve a lot of stress and anxiety. There is always something that will wrong or be forgotten, often leaving you exhausted and unsettled at the end of the process.

Packing and transporting

When finding a home that suits your needs is a task in and of itself, people tend to pay less attention to packing and transporting their belongings. However, this is an important stage that will often determine the success of the move.

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Preparations for the move

Long before finding a new home and even before the search begins, you should start to organize your belongings. This is especially important if you have lived in your current home for years.

There are professionals and specialized companies that can do this for you. In fact, there are companies that provide a service that includes arranging, packing, marking and organizing all of the belongings in your home. If you can afford it, It is definitely worth considering.

Proper packing

Efficient packing of your home contents is an art. If you have never done this, you may want to enlist the help of friends or family who can help and give advice, at least for part of the process. The main things to know when packing are:

It is important to have boxes in different sizes to fit different types of objects.

Fragile items should be packed in small crates, after individually wrapping each of them in newspaper, soft paper or
other packing material. The box should be completely full so that the items can not move and be damaged.

It is best to pack books in small boxes, so as not to create boxes that are too heavy to carry. If you have a dust allergy, it can be worth wearing a mask during this.

It can be a good idea to pack some things in large and durable bags. These must be clearly marked so that they do not accidentally get thrown out.

Important documents and valuables, such as jewelry, should not be packed in boxes but transported personally in your own vehicle. Bottles of liquid that are at risk of leaking should be placed in plastic bags before being packed in boxes.

Choosing a moving company

The number of moving companies available to you is huge. Each moving company is suited for different types of moves with different prices and services. It is not necessary to contact a well-known moving company, but it is recommended to make an informed decision based on research. This ensures that you find a company that really suits your needs.

Before getting a quote, make a record of the contents of the house, making note of any large objects (refrigerator, washing machine, cabinets, etc.). The best time to contact the moving company is after you have already packed some of the items and you are able to give a relatively good estimate of the total number of boxes.

After moving, Be sure to unload each object and box directly into the appropriate room in the new home. This will save you a lot of time and effort carrying things later. At the end of the transport, it is highly recommended to peek into the back of the transport truck to check that nothing has been forgotten. Next, use the list of contents you wrote to check that nothing was lost or stolen during the transport process, ticking each box you unload off of your list.

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