Moving into a new house? How to Make a Rental Feel Like Home

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Renters are moving at historically low rates across the country. With the cost of rent going up in most big cities, we can see why. If you find a place that is in a good location and relatively low rent, make yourself cosy.

First Things First

Transforming an apartment into your own space can be difficult for some. Whether it's the landlord's restrictions on what can be changed or lack of ideas. You can still make an impact with some creative apartment decorating.

This guide will allow you to explore ways of expressing your personality without big remodels. Everything can be done on a cheap budget too.

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Buy or Make Art

We can't all choose a stylish apartment to start with. Sometimes that is a good thing, though. If the apartment space is bland, think of it as a blank canvas.

By hanging pieces of artwork, finding sculptures, or custom furniture, you set the tone. The artwork doesn't have to be fancy or provocative. Find some interesting pieces that are not your typical dentist lobby art.

If you've never made art before, try doing abstract art or impressing yourself with some Bob Ross tutorials. This art piece will follow you wherever you live and make it undeniably yours.

Washi Tape

If you're not feeling the paintbrush art, try your hand at some tape art. Washi tape is not your average tape. This is a tape that won't leave a sticky residue and creates a ton of color.

You can use it on your walls, create borders on tabletops, trims for furniture, and so forth. This is a really cheap and easy way to add some art and color to a beige and grey landscape.

Plants Are Friends

Indoor plants change the whole atmosphere of a room. You don't need to be a gardener to successfully keep indoor plants alive. All you need is a basic reminder app or even use Google Calendars.

Indoor palm fronds are excellent living room plants. Set one in a corner and watch how much people gravitate towards it. Indoor succulents and vines also make great additions.

Plants are your friends, they keep the stuffy apartment feeling fresh and clean.

Place an Area Rug

If you moved into an apartment with bland, ugly, or high-maintenance floors, get a rug. A large area rug is a great investment for anyone who changes apartments often. Get one that is durable, doesn't shed, and can be moved by yourself if you need to.

If you're feeling stuck or stagnant in life, new apartment decorating can help you get unstuck. Don't let your current situation define you as a person. Use this as an opportunity to start over and clear out negative energies.

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