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Many people have questions about finding or hiring a furniture removalist. Here we've tried to cover questions people most often ask when arranging a home or office relocation. For more detailed help, try viewing our removals articles too.

How much will a removalist cost?

That depends on how far you're moving and the level of service you need. For 3 instant removalist estimates, try our online quotes.

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When should I book a removalist?

As soon as you know you'll be moving. The earlier you book, the better your chances of moving on the day you prefer.

What about insurance for the items I'm moving?

All reputable removalists offer transit insurance for your goods. This will cost extra but is well worth the peace of mind.

What happens if I'm only moving a few things?

You might want movers who specialise in small jobs or moving in and out of storage. Check our online quotes for a quality-tested firm.

How long will my furniture take to get there?

Local moves usually happen in one day. If you're moving interstate or moving overseas, transit times depend on your destination, freight method, volume and availability.

How much space is in a furniture van?

Most removalists use a number of different vehicles to be sure you get the right furniture van for your job.

Should I get the removalist to quote?

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend you get 3 similar quotes to compare before choosing your movers.

Will there be any paperwork?

Yes. Your removalist should provide a standard contract and any insurance documentation. Interstate and overseas moves also involve an inventory list.

Can I check if my moving quote is reasonable?

Certainly. Compare Quotes provides 3 quotes for you to compare. That way you can be sure to choose a removalist with a level of cost and service that suits.

When is the best time to move?

Removalists are busiest over the warmer months. If you can avoid moving over the peak, there's a better chance of getting movers on a date you prefer.

Is it OK if I pack my own boxes?

You can pack your own boxes but that might mean you aren't covered for breakages. Check with your removalist and insurance before you begin.

Will my furniture get dirty?

It shouldn't. A quality removalist will use a special wrap to protect your furniture and keep it clean.

What happens with my home appliances?

Your removalist will treat modern appliances with special care and attention. To maximise protection, lock doors and remove or secure moving parts.

Do I need to empty my drawers and wardrobe?

Clothing and other items should be removed and packed separately to your furniture, crockery etc.

Can I move food?

Food can be moved locally for same-day relocations.

Is it OK if I move houseplants and pots?

Check with your removalist first because some don't carry plants. Interstate moves put plants under stress from low water and light. Also, some states don't allow plant imports.

Where can I get boxes and packing from?

Your removalist may stock those cartons and packing. You can also check local papers and online for second-hand boxes. Or try your local shopping centre.

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