Canberra Movers Remain Calm: Top Tips for Stress-Free Furniture Removals

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Stress less Canberra movers! I've just moved house and there wasn't a frazzled hairdo or high blood pressure reading in sight. Perhaps it was the certainty of a fully itemised furniture removals quote or offloading the monumental task of cleaning and unpacking to home valets. Either way, take 10 minutes of time out while I share my top 10 moving tips. Trust me - this will be time well spent.

Get your game plan

Preparation is key to flawless furniture removals and a smooth move. Several weeks out, make a detailed moving checklist for before, during and after your move. Noting all required tasks ahead of time will help you keep order and sanity!

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Clear out clutter

There is no time like moving house to de-clutter your life. A clear ordered space makes furniture removals much easier too! Canberra is brimming with ways to rid or recycle clutter. Get mercenary about what you no longer use or need. Then clear your unwanted items by:

1. Giving away
2. Selling
3. Recycling
4. Responsibly throwing out

Certainty comes with a quote

Hidden costs are the last type of surprise you want when moving house. Put paid to these by getting a fully itemised quote from any service providers you are using. A furniture removal quote should include a list of all costs upfront, including fuel and materials.

Check out Canberra furniture removals

Always thoroughly check out your Canberra furniture removals company - before you hire! Confirm:

1. Reference checks
2. Insurance
3. Service portfolio

Choose professional furniture removals

Don't let that hefty couch or weighty fridge get the better of you. A professional furniture removals company will handle your heavy furniture with ease. That means less risk of damage, expert packing and handling, and no sore muscles for you.

Scrub up well with a home valet

Want to move house without cleaning up afterwards? A valet is an answered prayer. Canberra home valets thoroughly spruce up your old home for new tenants or purchasers. Cleaning, polishing and bleaching - all taken care of.

Unwind while your valet unpacks

Nothing beats having a cuppa while your new home is set up around you. A home valet can expertly unpack and lay out your household items.

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