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Australia says welcome home. Hope you enjoyed your trip away. We've got the BBQ's ready. The beer's cold. The sun's shining. But first, let's take care of your international furniture removal and storage. Then you can relax and enjoy Australia.

Moving overseas checklist

Any way you view it, moving overseas is a big job. It requires a great deal of preparation and planning. From insurance, customs, quarantine to furniture removal and storage. You're going to need a professional removalist. Not to mention a removalist checklist to remember everything!

Follow these 5 smart removalist tips to help ensure you're a smooth mover:

1. Start planning your move early
2. Think about what items you can leave behind
3. Consider your storage needs
4. Pack early
5. Clearly label all possessions, including furniture for removal

Preparation is the key. Prepare early and for anything to happen. Because it will.

Storage Select

Furniture removals & storage

No doubt you've collected some nice furniture since you've been away? Want to keep it? Furniture removal sounds painful. But it doesn't have to be.

Whether by boat or plane, removalists can relocate any furniture. Why not take back home your favourite:

1. Bed
2. Table and chairs
3. Couch
4. Cabinets
5. Desk

Of course, if you don't need your furniture, but still want to keep it, you can always use storage. Easy and convenient.

Anyway, better not keep you. You have much moving overseas planning to do! See you back in Australia soon.

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