Need a Removalist? 2 things that must be checked before you book your next move

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Moving soon? Before you schedule with a moving company, there are a few things that must be checked in order to not find yourself waiting for a late carrier, paying surprising extras on the day of moving or finding out that your moving company does not have insurance.

Determine in advance with the company: what happens in case of delay or cancellation

As the summer season approaches, the chances of being late on the day of transport increase. To avoid a situation where you are with a house packed in boxes and without a moving company on the day scheduled for the move, check the moving company carefully before you sign. Do not settle for an oral agreement. Make sure you have a short written agreement that includes a clause that relates to the situation of cancellation of the transport.

There are a lot of cases of removalists telling a story to customers they have a malfunction in their truck or that one of their employees is ill and therefore they will not be able to arrive. So, even in the event of a real malfunction you will not have to pay the difference in price, which sometimes involves an urgent order. Another thing to do is ask to be the first to transport in the morning. This will ensure you fresher workers, the previous".

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Is there insurance for your equipment?

Due to particularly high costs, there are carriers that refrain from doing 'insurance of goods in transit'. Do not be ashamed to ask and see that your moving company does have such a policy, that it is indeed valid and that the guaranteed vehicle number is exactly the same vehicle that will come to transport the equipment from your home.

Do not settle for the basic insurance of the truck which does not insure the contents of the equipment in the truck. The thought of "everything will be fine" may be optimistic, but does not insure you in case of damage to your equipment. At the same removal cost you can choose a serious moving company that takes care of ensuring its vehicles, employees and equipment. Also, ask for the name of the carrier, his ID card, the number of the truck and the business address.

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