Is Changing Locks Part of Moving?

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Unless relocating somewhere brand new, you don't know how old the locks are. Numerous tenants, owners and estate agents will have been involved with your property over the years. Especially if it's old.

What this means is various sets of keys. So where are all these keys now? Gets you thinking doesn't it.

Removalists agree - change your locks

Play it safe. Change the door and window locks. Even if you're moving to the safest Sydney suburbs. Changing locks is essential to your home's security. In fact, most reputable removalists will recommend it.

Changing locks will protect you should house keys end up in the wrong hands. New locks mean one set of keys. One set of keys means added security. It's a small price to pay to keep family and furniture safe. Apart from costs, there are issues you need to consider though.

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Relocation considerations - locks

Landlords. Property owners. Realtors. Body Corporate. Tradesmen. Locksmiths. Removalists. These are some of the parties you may have to deal with to change locks. That's not to mention electronic door passes for new Sydney apartments. So what do you do?

If renting, speak with your property manager. They will advise if you're allowed to change locks. And advise who will pay for the locks. If you own within a Sydney complex, ask the body corporate. They may have rules and regulations regarding this. If you own a house, you're lucky. You can just get a locksmith quote and get them changed.

Changing locks is worth the effort and can help ensure the safety of your furniture, belongings and family. What price can you put on that?

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