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If your business is moving to a new office, you will no doubt be trying to find an office that suits your business. If you are new to being a business owner or you haven't moved office in a while, you may not know how to properly evaluate your options. Fortunately for you, this article offers a few things to guide you on your search for the perfect office.

Look at what you need

The first step in finding a new office for your business is to evaluate your needs. Without knowing clearly what you need, you are going to struggle to find something that meets those needs. There are going to be various things that you are going to want to look at when you are evaluating your needs. These things will be covered later in the article. Once you have identified what it is you need, you can start looking at available offices with those needs in mind. When doing this, it is important to distinguish between what you need and what would be ideal. There is rarely going to be a perfect office so prioritising will be very important.

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The most obvious thing that you will need to look at is how much space your office needs to have. You will need to have enough space to fit all of your employees in the office. It is important that you also consider what your goals are for the growth of the business. There is no point in moving into a new office that fits your current workforce size perfectly if you are planning to double the number of employees within 6 months. On the other side of the coin, you don't want to be paying for something that is bigger than you need it to be, at that point you will be losing money. If your plans for growth in the size of the staff are very long term, then consider buying an office that suits a midpoint in that growth. This means that you will not be overpaying on rent for employees that you won't have for several years, but you will still get a good number of years out of the office before having to move. This requires a lot of judgement. If your long term growth plan is not huge then you will want to get an office that suits the end goal as you won't be overpaying any significant amount.


Every business requires different facilities. If your staff is frequently having meetings, then an office that doesn't have a room or space that is suitable to have meetings is not an option. To use another example, if your business meets with clients 1 on 1, you are going to need to have individual rooms to facilitate this. From this, it can be seen how you should be thinking about what kinds of facilities your new office may require. Not all offices will require specific facilities. That in itself however, is an important thing to know as well. If you know that you don't require specific facilities, you can focus more on other needs or on cost.


Your business will need to be in a good location. This will mean that it will need to be somewhere that is conducive to you conducting business and also suitable for all of your employees to get to. For most businesses, this will mean that you will want to stay in a similar area or at least in the same town or city. The specifics of this will depend on a large number of factors that will be different from business to business.

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