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Keen to sample another slice of Sydney's great lifestyle, I was moving apartment! Relocation is never a small matter, but with the help of great furniture removalists and sound groundwork, my move was a success. I did learn many valuable lessons along the way though, which I hope will benefit other movers.

Singling Out Your Sydney Apartment

Living in Sydney means you have variety aplenty, even when choosing a new home. But not all apartments are created equal. Never make your selection based on an invigorating whiff of polished wood or a grand view alone. Remember, you're going to be making this space your home so check for all the living essentials including:

1. Safety features
2. Plumbing/electrics
3. Water pressure/temperature
4. Neighbouring noise

Take your time when inspecting potential apartments and be thorough.

Storage Select

Removalists Render Relocation Easy!

Don't drop the ball because you're juggling furniture with utilities connection and all other moving to-dos. I avoided the juggling act by hiring great removalists who took care of everything.

Through Compare Quotes, I easily found quality tested removalists. I was on a tight budget, so being able to select my desired service level was handy. And because I was moving apartments, I had the option of using a 'man and van' removalist rather than a full 'bells and whistles' service. This is a great option for smaller yet no less demanding moves.

As an avid apartment-dweller, I also know there's a fine line between 'cosy' and 'cramped'. So I selected removalists who offered a secure storage service that would house all my 'excess baggage'. I'd recommend this to anyone who is uncertain whether their new apartment will comfortably 'fit' their household.

My removalists saved me oodles of time, organisation and stress by taking care of:

1. Packing/unpacking
2. Furniture handling
3. Transport

By the time I sat down to a takeaway dinner at my new address, my apartment was fully set up.

Sydney has a plethora of stunning apartments and professional removalists alike. So why not enjoy your relocation, furniture removals and all!

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