Label Your Boxes Properly Before Moving House

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One thing that almost every home move has in common is packing. When you are packing, all of your boxes will need to be labelled correctly. There are a number of things that you will want to have clearly indicated on all of your boxes in order to avoid any problems. Proper labelling will save you a lot of time and energy later on in the move. Here are all of the things you should have labelled on your boxes and why you need to label them.


Every box that you pack should be labelled with its contents. This also means that each box should contain items of the same kind (plates, kid's toys, books, cutlery, etc.). By doing this, you make unpacking easier later on. When you are unpacking, you can use the labels to gather and open boxes that will be unpacked to the same place. If, for example, you were putting things away in a closet, you would be able to put away everything that goes in said closet, at the same time. You would be surprised how much time this will save.

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Room that it belongs to

In addition to the contents, you will also want to indicate the room in the new home that each box belongs to. You may know which contents go in each room, but the movers won't. By labelling the boxes in this way you can have the movers unload each box into the correct room. It is much easier to put the boxes in the right room immediately after unloading, rather than having to move all of the boxes around when you go to unpack. If for any reason you were unable to carry any of the boxes, you would be stuck ferrying belongings from room to room. This wastes a lot of time and effort and can be easily avoided.

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