What you Need to Know to Prepare for Moving House Day

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Moving house requires a thorough preparation. There is a lot that you have to get done before the day of your move. Knowing all of the steps required for a successful move will save you a lot of stress. Everthing that you will need to know about getting ready for your move is contained in this article.

Choose the right moving company

These are the people who are going to take all of your belongings and put them into your new home. Choose reliable removalists (preferably with a recommendation from friends) and schedule with the carriers in advance. Ideally, you will do this about a month before the move. Do not forget to find out how many removalists are expected to come, whether an additional payment is required for particularly large items, and of course, get a detailed quote. The last thing you want on the day of moving is to be told that you will have to pay extra due to one of your items being too heavy.

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Pack properly

There is nothing worse than seeing a box full of your precious belongings break, dropping everything and possibly even breaking the contents. To avoid this, you need to make sure that the boxes and tape you are using are durable. It is best to ask retail stores if you can help them with their mountain of empty boxes. The other alternative is to buy new boxes at a ridiculous price of a few dollars per box. Arrange the boxes according to size and start packing them with your belongings. First pack the items that are not being used daily. It is very important to mark boxes according to their contents, especially if they contain fragile items.

Prepare another small box

While the removalists will load all your belongings on the truck, you should at least have some things that you keep off of the truck. Prepare one personal box and pack it with valuables, important documents, cash, medicine and everything you may need on short notice. This box should be kept separate from the other and should preferably be transported by you.

Measure everything

Even if you think you have a good eye, it is important to be accurate when it comes to moving all of your belongings from house to house. For this, you will need to use a measuring tape. This will tell you things such as if the bed really fits where you plan to put it, how much space the couch takes up and if the elevator is big enough for your closet. For the removalists, it will avoid any issues in moving the items, and for you it will save you money on unexpected costs.

Don't forget to organise for your new home to be set up

There is nothing worse than spending a long day of moving house only to realise that you forgot to hire a technician to set up your TV. All you wanted was to sit down, watch some TV and enjoy your new home.

Prepare the fridge and freezer

It sounds farily insignificant, but when your freezer drips along the route to the new home, you will regret not preparing it for the move. Try to use or dispose of most of your food ahead of time. After you have cleared it out, unplug the freezer and fridge at least 24 hours before moving.

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