Moving House: A Gold Coast Glamourpuss' Guide

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Now I'm a girl who enjoys the finer things in life. A cinnamon Gold Coast tan (out of a bottle - but who's to know).

Manicures plus the occasional aromatherapy massage. So you can imagine how moving house threatened to transform me into a hot, sticky mess. Especially the prospect of furniture removals - my couch is to recline on, not throw over my shoulder!

OK, I'm no princess - but I am a self-confessed glamourpuss. And moving house just seemed a little on the sweaty, stressful side for me. Nonetheless, it had to be done. And without rendering my purse incapable of stretching to a new lipstick and haircut! Here's how expert yet cheap Gold Coast movers saved my day.

Don't break a nail on furniture removals

Who wants to sacrifice a great manicure just to move boxes? And is any girl really game to get sweaty while wrestling hefty furniture? Certainly not I, so when it came to moving house I found the perfect solution. Professional furniture removals saved the day - and my nails.
I only had to lift one finger and that was to connect with Compare Quotes instant online furniture removals quotes. All that was left to do was check references and insurance cover. Then I simply chose a removalist who best met my needs. Would you believe, my furniture removals service not only shifted my larger household items. It also covered:

1. Full packing & unpacking
2. Heavy & light lifting
3. Household items & furniture removals
4. Storage

Storage Select

Moving house while keeping your cosmetics budget in tact

My next little indulgence purchase is always pre-planned and greatly anticipated. So I was loathe to break into my cosmetics piggy bank to fund moving house. Fortunately, I discovered cheap movers who did a first-class job. I use the term 'cheap movers' to refer only to the final bill. My cheap movers offered a full and flawless furniture removals service. Plus left me with enough budget to buy some treats for me - and my new home!

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