Moving in with a Long-Distance Partner

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Deciding to move in with your partner is a big step in any relationship. It becomes an even bigger step when they live in another part of the country. To help you decide if this is right for you and, if so, how to do it, this guide will walk you through what needs to be done.

Is it right for you?

Before you start planning your move, it is worth considering if you should. This is not to say that you shouldn't, just that it should be thought through. The first question you should be looking at is why you want to move in with your long-distance partner. You mustn't feel pressured to move. Some people end up doing this because they are worried that if they don't, the relationship may end. While this is a valid concern, you need to think about why you feel that way. Is the distance the only reason or are there other problems that need to be addressed? When moving in with a partner, especially long-distance, you need to be sure that the relationship is stable and healthy beforehand. Moving in together is a progression, not a solution.

With all of this being said, if you have thought it through and decided that you want to move, there is nothing wrong with doing just that.

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The moving process

After you've made up your mind, it's time to start preparing for the move. A move involves several different stages: planning; sorting; packing; and transportation. Depending on your current living situation, there may be other stages; These will be covered when talking about planning.

Before you start with anything, you will want to make a detailed plan. You will need to work out the timeframe for every task including when you will be packing certain items. This is also the time where you need to work out what is required of you before you move. This includes things such as resigning from your current job, terminating your rental agreement, finding a new job, and anything else you may need.

After making your plan, you will want to sort all of your belongings. Try to get rid of anything you don't need. The less you are taking with you, the easier the move will be and the less it will cost.

When you have finished sorting, you can start to pack your belongings. You should start by packing the things that you barely use and finish by packing anything you use daily. You should also prepare a separate bag containing anything that you need during your move. Every box will need to be labelled clearly with its contents and be marked as fragile if required.

Finally, you are ready for your moving day. At this point all there is left to do is have your belongings loaded onto the moving truck and make your way to your new home. If you have prepared properly, everything else should be easy.

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