What's in the (Moving) Box?

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When you're moving, it's important to keep on top of packing, storing and labelling your boxes. That way, when you move to your new home, everything is safely packed in the right-sized moving boxes and labelled for easy unpacking too. So how do you make the storage and moving process easier on yourself?

Pack & label boxes clearly by room

This will make things easier for you and your removalist. Important items should be loaded on the removalist truck last. This is because they'll be unloaded first. When your move is complete, well-labelled moving boxes make unpacking quicker and easier. Plus your removalists can place the moving boxes in the right room. That means Less moving for you!

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Pack less-essential items first

Books and ornaments are a good place to start with a removal. Keep a list of everything in the moving boxes, so nothing precious gets lost during your removal. This is well worth the effort. Plus it's cheaper and less heartache than replacing items misplaced during the removal (especially if you aren't sure of the moving box contents).

Fill moving boxes completely

Objects can move around in the removalist van, and even in the moving box! Items that move during transport are more likely to break. When a moving box is completely full, objects don't have far to go.
Some light, non-breakable items, such as linen, can be left in furniture and simply sealed up. You'll always know where it is and you won't add to the removalists' load.

But be careful your fragile items are well protected. If the removalist handles this for you, be confident about their packing materials and procedure. If you aren't using a removalist, you might like to keep them in your car or label them clearly as FRAGILE. That way, your removalist, partner, family or help will know what's in the moving box and treat it with respect.

Pack boxes that aren't too heavy to lift

Even if your removalist does most of the moving, you'll still want to move things around your new home after the removalists' work is done. So don't pack a moving box full of books. Pack combinations.

Finally, seal your boxes carefully

The last thing you need is for a moving box to break open in the middle of the street! Ensure every moving box is labelled and well sealed to save you or your removalists from disaster. Happy Packing!

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