Cleaning Your New Apartment Before Moving in

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If you have access to your new apartment before vacating your old one, you may have a period where the apartment is empty of any furniture. This presents an opportunity that you don't see often; Deep cleaning. Cleaning the apartment before you move in will allow you to move into a fresh new home right off the bat.

First things first

Your number one priority when cleaning your new apartment is cleaning the floor before the moving company arrives. Once your belongings are already inside, it is much more difficult to clean. Whether you are cleaning on your own or you are hiring a cleaner, there are certain things that cannot be done properly without professional equipment. Things such as shutters, windows and cabinets, are fairly low priority since your belongings won't get in the way of cleaning.

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Cleaning an apartment that was renovated recently

When cleaning the apartment after the renovation, you should mainly focus on removing old stains and polishing the floor. From the lintels, flooring and panels, to the sinks and toilets, thoroughly clean everything that may have been dirtied during the renovation. If there are any new kitchen cabinets, they need to be thoroughly cleaned before anything is put in them.

How long does it take to thoroughly clean an apartment?

Between 8 and 12 hours. Unlike an independent cleaner who comes in a few hours at a time, where cleaning can take several days, cleaning companies come with several workers and within a day the house is ready.

What are the stages of cleaning?

The first step is a thorough cleaning of the floor. How the floor is cleaned varies depending on the type of floor. This is the stage that is also the dirtiest and therefore should be done first. Thorough cleaning in old homes also includes cleaning the spaces that are out of reach, such as on top of cabinets, which are usually filled with layers of dust. Homes that also have a basement need to be cleaned more carefully because basements tend to have poor ventilation.

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