Best Tips for Packing for your Home Move

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One of the most exhausting and annoying tasks in moving house, is packing all the contents of the house for the move. Most of the time, we do not know exactly when to start and notice too late that we do not have enough boxes, that there is no time for packing, or any number of other things. So what should you be careful about in the packing process, and how do you prepare in advance for a successful home move? We have collected some tips for you.

Packing services

If your schedule is particularly busy, or you are unable to sit and pack for long hours, moving companies and removalists offer professional packing services. A day or two before the move, company representatives arrive and pack all the contents of the house. Most of us however, choose to pack the contents of the house and our valuable items ourselves.

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Clear your junk

Before you start packing, it is highly recommended that you sort your belongings and throw away or donate everything you do not need. Moving house is the perfect time to reduce the amount of junk you own. This is a great way to reduce the volume of transportation, as well save valuable packing, loading and unloading time.

Preparations for packing

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment - cardboard boxes, thick markers, strong tape, packing material (such as bubble wrap), a utility knife and more. Take 3-4 weeks before moving to pack. It is not worth waiting for the last minute. You do not know what might happen in the days before the move. Always get a larger amount of boxes than you think you need. Take various sizes of boxes to suit different types of contents (books, bedding, kitchen utensils, etc). Mark the boxes with stickers in different colours. These colours should signify the room for which they are intended. For example, all the boxes that you marked with a light blue sticker will belong to the kitchen. It's simple and saves everyone time.

Tips for smart packing

Label the boxes you are packing with their contents, preferably on several sides so that you can see the details from any direction afterwards. Fragile utensils should be put into small boxes after wrapping each utensil individually using newsprint or soft wrapping material. When packing fragile utensils, it is important to make sure the box is full so that the utensils do not move inside and break. Pack the books in small boxes, so you don't end up with a box that is too heavy to carry.

Some things, like blankets and pillows, should be packed in large, durable bags. Do not forget to mark them clearly, so you will not throw them in the trash unintentionally. Just before you close the box, look into it and ask yourself if only the items you intended to pack are packed in it.

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