Paying Less when Moving Home and More Moving Tips

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Summer vacation is the ideal time to move house. The weather is comfortable and you are much more likely to have time off of work. The problem is that many people move home in the summertime, so removalist prices rise during this period. Knowing this, and other things, can help you to save money on your move.

The variables that affects the moving price

Date of the month: Most leases end on the first, last of fifteenth day of the month. The price on these dates may be more expensive.

The number of workers and working hours: The working hours will be affected by the transport distance, the number of items, the disassembly and assembly of the furniture, distance to the new house, the size of the elevator, etc. The number of workers required will largely depend on the contents of the apartment.

Risk of damage: If the transport is complex, and there are fragile and/or complicated objects to transport, you may be charged extra to account for the risk of the company having to pay for damages.

Additional services: Additional payment will be required for crane, packaging and disassembly services if needed.

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How to prepare for moving day

It is important to book a carrier several weeks before the day of moving, especially if the move takes place during the summer months. Between the time you book the moving company and the day of the move, you will want to prepare for your moving day.

It is recommended to start the preparations 3-4 weeks before the day of the move.

The first step in preparing for moving is to make as detailed a list as possible of all the objects in the house that need to be moved, large and small.

You will also want to tidy up the house, and get rid of things you don't need. Doing this can save you time and money, as you will have less to pack and load.

It is advisable to start searching for and collecting boxes several weeks before the day of move. It is good to collect a few more boxes than you estimated, so that you do not find yourself with insufficient boxes by mistake.

How to choose a moving company and how to deal with them?

It is very important to choose real professionals that have received good reviews, and not just a person who presents himself as a removalist. These may turn out to be a disaster.

Choose a carrier depending on the amount of items you want to move. For small and medium homes, you can take a removalist that uses a van or a small truck. Using a small vehicle will usually cost less than transporting with a large truck.

Request an email confirmation of the moving company commitment to arrive on time. This will avoid any miscommunication and allow you to hold them accountable if they break your agreement or try to change to price unjustifiably.

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