Pack & Move: The DIY Solution

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Need to move, but light on for money? There is a solution. A solution that's kinder to your moving budget and is a good workout too. Save on the furniture removals expense with the 'do it yourself' approach.

Furniture removals - DIY style

Feeling strong and organised? Using the DIY approach, you do all the packing and lifting. You pack your furniture and belongings into the carton delivered directly to your door. Once packed, it's transported to your new destination. Upon delivery, you unload your furniture and the container is taken away. In other words, pay just for the transportation. Not the furniture removal.

Like most things though, there are ways to make DIY moving easier. Follow these tips for a more professional approach:

1. Hire a trolley for safe lifting
2. Ask friends or family to assist with moving
3. Purchase boxes, bubble wrap, markers, and packing tape in advance
4. Write an inventory list

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Moving inventory list

It works just like a shop stock list. Keep track of your possessions with an inventory list. Every item going in the carton should be listed. Tables; chairs; TVs; everything. Once delivered, check for any damage. If OK, tick off the list. It's now accounted for.

Simply by using a bit of muscle, you can be moving for less.

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