Safety Tips When Moving Home

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Staying safe during the process is a vital and often overlooked part of making sure that your move is successful. Not only is it bad for you if harm comes to you during your move, you may also put yourself in a state where you are unable to do certain moving tasks. In order to stay safe you need to understand what the risks are and how to properly mitigate them.

This article will go over the things that you will need to know in order to keep yourself safe during your move.

Proper lifting

When lifting boxes, furniture or anything else that may be heavy, it is important for your safety that you use proper lifting technique. The point of proper lifting technique is to make sure that the weight of the lifted object is supported by the muscles that are designed to bare weight such as the thighs and glutes. Improper technique will put strain on the wrong places such as your back with can lead to pain and injuries

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Proper use of cleaning chemicals

Before moving you are likely going to be deep cleaning your current residence. Because of this it is very important that you are careful when using cleaning chemicals, especially those that you may not be familiar with. There are a few different ways in which cleaning products can be a risk to you. The most obvious and easy to avoid is ingestion. This is fairly self explanatory, just don't consume anything that is not intended for consumption and keep chemicals away from your food to avoid contamination. Secondly is contact. Some chemicals can irritate and in some cases burn your skin. Make sure to avoid contact with any such chemicals whenever possible especially in sensitive areas such as the eyes. The third risk is inhalation. Some chemicals give off fumes make sure to read the safety information on everything that you are using to check if this is a risk. If inhalation is a risk, ensure that you are using the proper safety equipment, such as a mask to prevent any issues. Lastly, you are going to want to be very careful with mixing chemicals. Some chemicals can have very extreme chemical reactions with each other. An example of this is bleach and ammonia which when mixed create chloramine gas which can cause sickness and even death. If you are not specifically instructed to mix chemicals it is best to avoid it or if need be at least look it up.

Get help

The best way to ensure your safety is to get help from someone else for your move. This mitigates risk in a number of ways. For one, if you are injured in some way you will have another person to help provide aid and if needed, call for help. Lifting things by yourself can also be rather dangerous so having another person can be very helpful. Not only is it hard to move things that are very heavy, If you do manage to lift it it may be unstable and end up falling on you, this can injure you. The final safety advantage of having another person to help you is that you will be able to split the workload and reduce fatigue. Fatigue can lead to slower reactions and thinking which can in turn lead to injuries. The best way to get help with your move is to hire a professional removal company.

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