3 Types of Neighbours That are Worth Moving Far Away From

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Everybody has had experiences with neighbours that they may not like. There are some however that go beyond this. Some neighbours are so bad that the best thing that you can do is move to a different home. Whether or not this is worth it will depend on the severity of the problem and the type of problems that may occur.

To help with this, this article contains information on three different types of neighbours that may make you want to move house. The goal of this is to help you so that you may recognise them an make an informed decision.

Nosy neighbours

Nosy neighbours are the type of people that will make you feel like your privacy is being invaded. Maybe they eavesdrop or maybe they watch you. Whatever the case, having people invade your privacy can be very unpleasant. It makes you feel like you can't say or do certain things without being judged by your neighbours. One's home should be a safe space where they feel that they can be themselves. When you have these types of neighbours, this safe space becomes violated. Nosy neighbours can be a very legitimate reason to move house as feeling safe is very important.

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Loud neighbours

Loud neighbours can also be very problematic. Most of the time loud neighbours are the type that frequently hold parties on their property. These parties will have loud music and people themselves can also get very loud. If you or someone you live with has trouble sleeping with noise it may be worth moving away from these types of people. If you have children, it is very important that they get enough sleep so that they can stay healthy and grow. For this reason, moving away could be the best thing for your family if your neighbours are too loud. Of course you could always ask them to be quiet or fail that call the police. However, these solutions don't always work and could in fact escalate the situation.

Rude neighbours

Rude neighbours come in many different forms. Some are generally irritable, while others can go out of their way to cause trouble. These types of people like to complain about anything and everything that they can in order to get their way. This can become very annoying and may cause you a fair bit of trouble. Whether having a rude neighbour is cause for moving to a new house depends greatly on just how rude they are as well as how tolerant you are. At the very least if you have other things that make moving to a new home something that you may want to do, having a rude neighbour should definitely factor into the decision.

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