A Family Guide to Moving Overseas

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Moving your entire family overseas can be a bit daunting. But professional furniture removals and storage facilities will ease your burden. And leave you free to guide your family through this exciting new experience.

Removalists ease your burden

Moving overseas means great change. You're busy deciding where to live, what to take and what to leave behind. At the same time, your family may need reassurance and support. Especially children who are leaving behind friends and familiar surroundings.

Removalists eliminate moving stress. Not just because they take complete care of your household and furniture removals. But because a removalists service frees up your time and energy.

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Make a plan

Moving overseas doesn't happen overnight. A relocation and furniture removals plan is vital. Your removalists can help and your family too! As children see a moving plan unfolding, the fear of the unknown may well be replaced by excitement. There may be family pets to consider too.

Furniture removals made easy

Once you've decided what belongings are coming or going into storage, your removalists can take control. Choose a trustworthy furniture removals service. Compare Quotes offers instant online quotes for quality tested furniture removals.

And you can select your level of service to fit your moving overseas budget too. Removalists take care of all household and furniture removals. They will:

1. Help plan household and furniture removals
2. Expertly pack your belongings for transit or storage
3. Transport your goods to your overseas destination or storage as required
4. Advise you on relevant international transit requirements for furniture removals

Your removalists carry the full load of furniture removals and storage for you! So you can make other arrangements like:

1. Current passports and visas
2. Basic language and cultural awareness
3. Schools or childcare arrangements
4. Accommodation

You may like even like to consider an international relocation service. These services help your family get housed and settled after moving overseas.

Storage: Your saving grace

Moving overseas means some belongings will stay behind. Your removalists will offer storage advice and solutions. Your storage requirements depend on what goods are going into storage and for how long. Removalists will arrange necessary storage as part of their furniture removals service.

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