Tip#4: Things To Check Before Booking Your Removalist

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Before you schedule a moving company, there are a few things that should be checked to ensure that your moving day runs as smoothly as possible, and to avoid any unexpected costs or nasty surprises.

Determine in advance: What happens in case of delay or cancellation?

Summer season is the removalist peak period. As things get busier the chances of your removalist running behind increases. Things like jobs taking a little longer than expected, and an increase in traffic on the roads can have an impact on your home removal. On the odd occasion the removalist may even cancel. In order to prevent any nasty surprises on your moving day it is important to check carefully with the removalist on their cancellation policy as well as for any additional fees and charges which may occur. It is important to always have this as a written agreement and do not settle for a verbal agreement.

A move later in the day is more likely to be delayed or cancelled. We all know that unexpected things arise which could have a major impact on your home move. Things like the previous job taking longer than expected, a truck malfunction or an injured worker are all contributing factors which could cause disaster for you on moving day. In order to prevent delays or cancellation as much as possible we recommend moving in the morning and if you can to request the first move of the day. This will prevent delays, provide you with fresh ready to go workers and leave you with more time in the day if something was to go wrong.

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Is there insurance for your items?

Before booking your move you will want to make sure that all your belongings are taken care of, and in case of damage are covered by insurance. Due to particularly high costs, there are some removalists that refrain from insuring "goods in transit". We recommend always asking your moving company prior to booking about the insurance they offer, how much value this covers and under which circumstances your belongings are covered. Are your items only covered when they are loaded or unloaded from the truck or are they also covered during transit? This is particularly important in long distance moves such an interstate house removal.

We recommend that you do not settle for a removalist with only basic insurance and always book with a company which offers "goods in transit insurance", which covers your items during the entire moving process. The thought of "everything will be fine" may be optimistic, but does not insure you in case of damage to your belongings, and this could prove costly if something were to be damaged. We recommend checking the insurance in details prior to booking - a company which insures their trucks, their workers, equipment and offers "goods in transit insurance" will be a company which takes the extra care during your move.

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