5 Ways to Cut Moving Costs

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Moving house is a large and usually expensive undertaking. But with a bit of inside info, you can cut hundreds of dollars from the cost of your move. Here are a few tips to ensure your furniture removalists don't break the bank (or your grand piano!).

Share the backload

Backloading means putting your furniture on a truck that is on the way back from another job. Ordinarily, the truck would be empty, but by filling it with your stuff, the removalist makes some extra money, and you only pay for a one-way trip.

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Get the skinny on mini movers

Mini movers specialise in shifting small amounts of furniture. Less overhead for the mover means lower costs for you, so this is a terrific option if you're moving from one small apartment to another.

Self packing moves

In this sort of DIY removal, you pack everything into boxes and load them into a shipping container that is delivered to your door. A truck transports the container to your new home where you unload and unpack it yourself.
Because you only pay for transportation, not packing, you can keep your costs to an absolute minimum.

Use second-hand boxes

Saving money when moving can be as simple as using second-hand packing boxes. Ask your furniture removal company if they have any used boxes to sell you, or check eBay for more box bargains.

If you have friends who have recently moved or purchased large appliances, ask them if they have spare cartons you can buy or borrow.

Shop around

By far the best way to save money on your move is to shop around for the cheapest quote. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, or use our compare quotes service to find the best price for your moving needs.
Find a qualified budget removalist in your area today!

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