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Whatever reason you're moving for, a new home will mark a new chapter in your life. The point of starting a new chapter is to change anything you don't like about your life. If this is true, why bring your junk with you when you move home? This guide will walk you through the benefits of sorting your belongings before packing for your move.

Reduce clutter

Nobody likes clutter in their home. Sadly, it is inevitable that clutter will build up eventually; That is unless you keep on top of it. To stop your new home from accumulating clutter, you first need to make sure you aren't bringing any with you. You want to keep your new home feeling new for as long as possible; That won't happen if it's cluttered right from the start.

On top of this, you are likely going to want to get some new decorations and furniture that are better suited to the new home. If you have no room to put any of these, that won't be an option.

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Less work

The more you are moving to the new home, the greater your workload will be. Of course, having more to move will impact the moving company's workload, but what about yours? The two most time-consuming tasks that are involved in every move are packing and unpacking. By reducing the amount that needs to be packed and unpacked, you will reduce your workload in these tasks proportionately.

Let's say that by sorting you got rid of 10 percent of your total belongings and that packing would have taken you 12 hours over two days. This would mean you would be able to save over an hour. However, it isn't that simple. While you are sorting your belongings, you can prepare them for packing without taking extra time. As long as you are putting things away neatly in an organised way, most of your belongings can be put straight into boxes. This will significantly reduce the time and effort required to pack.

Save money

It's no secret that the volume of your belongings is one of the primary factors in determining the cost of hiring a moving company. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that a larger volume requires a bigger vehicle. Larger vehicles cost more to operate; By using them on your move, they are unable to be used elsewhere. There is also the fact that larger volumes of belongings will take more time to load and unload. as well as requiring more people.

When sorting, everything that you get rid of, whether it is sold or donated, will reduce the overall volume of your belongings. This means that by sorting everything, you might be able to save a bit of money when hiring a moving company.

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