How to Efficiently Sell Unwanted Items Online During A Move

When the time comes to move house, it's a good idea to use this opportunity to have a clear out and get rid of any unwanted items. There are a number of websites or social media pages you could use to advertise your used goods. Here's how to efficiently sell unwanted items online during a move.


Decide What You Want to Sell


Methodically go through room by room and choose which items you are going to keep and which ones you are going to get rid of. Set aside a room or area to put all the items you are going to sell. Think about larger furniture pieces through to smaller bits. It's a great time to get rid of things you no longer use or need as it reduces the amount you need to physically move. As you are making these decisions determine what is worth selling. Take anything you can't sell to the tip or plan ahead and put it out for your local Council's verge collection.


Determine Its Value


Now that you have your unwanted items together it's time to think about pricing. You can head online and find out what similar pieces are selling for. You can try buy and sell pages on social media sites or trying internet sites specifically designed for selling used goods. Don't overestimate how much your stuff is worth after all it's no longer of use to you. Decide on reasonable and fair prices that you think buyers would be willing to pay. Also consider the minimum amounts you would consider if potential buyers try to barter.


Best Impression


The image and description you put online can help or hinder your sales. The image should be clear and in the best possible light. Make sure you clean the product before taking a picture of it. It's worth taking the time to ensure it looks its best. Provide as many necessary details about the product. You should indicate if there is any damage. You don't want to waste yours and your potential buyer's time by leaving out crucial information. If you post an item that doesn't match its description you may have to provide a refund and be liable for shipping. Even though you should be honest about it you want someone to buy it so think of all your items good points and highlight those too.


Provide a Smooth Transaction


If you're willing to have people purchase the items from your house then you need to increase your availability. Try and work around your buyer to make it as convenient as possible for them. It's off putting if you can't find time for them to see the product within a day or so and they may change their mind. Also have change on hand, the buyer should have the correct amount but it's handy to have it just in case. If using a site that requires you to post the item as soon as it's sold make sure you post it quickly. Check your emails daily in case anyone contacts you to ask for more details. If you are easy to deal with then people will buy your unwanted items from you.


To efficiently sell your unwanted goods on the internet you need to decide what you want to get rid of and how much for. Clean your items and post them online with an accurate description. Be available and easy to deal with in order to sell your old stuff quickly.


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