Moving Home: Tips for First Time Movers

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Moving home for the first time can often feel overwhelming. Moving home is a lot of work for anyone, let alone someone doing it for the first time. Despite this, there is no need for you to be worried; With proper preparation, moving home can be made a lot easier. This guide has a few tips for you to help you out with moving home for the first time.


The most impactful thing you can do to make your move easier is to make a good plan. You should make a list of everything that needs done and decide on when you are going to do it. If you have multiple people in your household, this should also include who is doing it. Making a plan in this way has several advantages. The first advantage is that a timeframe will make sure that you keep the right pace and won't get overwhelmed by too much to do at once. The second advantage is that having everything written down ensures that you don't forget anything.

It is very easy to forget a step when faced with an unfamiliar process, so this can be very helpful. To achieve this, you will want to tick or cross off every task as soon as it is done. Lastly, seeing yourself get through the tasks will help you visualise the progress you are making. When you can't visualise it, it can sometimes feel like the amount that you have to do is endless.

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Finding a moving company

Finding a moving company that is able to meet your needs will make a world of difference to your move. You will first need to determine what your needs are. For example, if you don't have many belongings, there is no point in hiring a moving company that only owns large moving trucks. Similarly, if you have any items that are particularly technical to transport, such as a piano, you will need a moving company that is capable of doing this. The best ways to find this out are by contacting the moving company and through independent research.

On the topic of research, you will want to look into any moving companies that you are considering. You want to make sure that they are reliable and have a good reputation. Reviews are one of the best ways to do this. A simple google search should provide you will a good number of reviews; This will also show you any articles or discussions about the company that may be red flags.

You will also want to look at prices. A good place to do this is on the Moving Select Website. Moving Select allows you to compare quotes from a large number of moving companies across Australia. From there you can narrow the companies with the best quotes down to ones that suit your needs.


Packing is one of the biggest and most important parts of moving home, so it is important to do it right. When packing, you should start with anything that you don't need. Don't forget that once something is packed, it becomes a lot more difficult to access. Pack the rest of your belongings based on when you no longer need them.

Before packing, it is also worth going through all of your belongings and getting rid of anything that you don't need. The less you have to move, the less work you have to do and the less your move will cost. Any items you want to get rid of that are still useful can be either sold or donated to charity.

Every box that you pack will need to be clearly labelled with its contents, this will help you when you go to unpack. If any of the contents are fragile, you must also make sure to clearly indicate this along with the correct orientation for the box.

When packing fragile items, ensure that you use an ample amount of packing material. You will want to individually wrap such items and pack them in a way that will stop them from moving around. You can fill in any gaps with more packing material to cushion the items.

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