Moving house? These are the things you shouldn't forget

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The to do list of moving a house feels infinite. Therefore, we made you a checklist to ease everything for you on this long process of relocation. Who you shouldn't forget to call on time, what equipment you need to order and how to prevent unwanted surprises.

Prepare packing supplies ahead

In any case, the biggest mistake you can make when moving an apartment is to use old and used cartons, and especially those that have a chance of having the food moth or clothing moth inside them. Passing diseases from house to house will cost you dearly in the end. Not only due to pest control costs, but also due to the destruction of food products and clothing. Therefore, the last thing you should save is the cost of the cartons. Beyond that, crumbling cartons or those with odors of food products, will not do any good to your equipment.

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Adjust the equipment to the size of the carton

If you are packing heavy equipment (kitchen utensils or books, for example), be sure to pack them in relatively small cartons measuring 30-50 cm and 40 cm high. Medium cartons, will fit most of the house's equipment. However, you should also ask for extra large cartons for packing relatively light equipment such as blankets, pillows and coats.

Furniture: Disassembly and assembly carefully

If you are not sure how to reassemble the cabinet, avoid disassembling it. Few professionals will agree to assemble a cabinet that they have not dismantled. This is because many times improper disassembly prevents good assembly of the cabinet back, this is due to loss of screws and disassembly in a way that impairs the stability of the cabinet. Therefore, if you are not sure how to resemble correctly, pay for disassembly and reassembly for the moving company.

Take Valuable items with you

The jewellery box, the laptop, your computer screen and your professional camera - and in fact all the particularly valuable or fragile items, are worth moving on your own. Even if the moving company is committed to the integrity of the products, and even if you have checked that it does have insurance that covers any damage to your equipment - it is better not to get into a state of discomfort. Things with high monetary value, sentimental value or products that can easily be damaged during the transition, should be moved independently.

Make sure your equipment is insured, not just the truck

The cost of the participation fee is very high. In order not to find yourself in a situation of discomfort and long-term conduct in court, raise a head. Demand to see that the transport company is insured with an insurance policy called "goods in transit insurance", and that the number of the truck that arrives on the day of transport is the vehicle number that appears in the policy. If you are presented with truck insurance, it can only insure damage that can be caused by an accident to the truck. It does not provide insurance for the equipment inside the truck. If you are a family with children, be aware that the contents of your equipment can reach several tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this case, you should not compromise, and you should call a moving company that has the insurance for your equipment.

Hire Professional Removalists to do the job

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