What You can Change to Save Money on Your Move

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The phrase "knowledge is power" can be applied to many things; Moving home is one of them. When trying to save money, the most important thing is knowing what goes into the pricing of a moving company. Once you know what affects the cost, you can change these factors to your advantage. We all strive to reduce transportation costs as much as possible. In this guide, you will find everything that affects the cost of hiring a moving company.


The greater the distance between your current home and new home, the more expensive your move will be. You may also have to pay an additional fee if you need to make stops along the route to collect additional furniture. If this is something that you need, find out in advance whether they will charge you an additional fee. If the answer is yes, try to get everything to your home beforehand; or just move it later on.

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The number of employees

The more employees that your move requires, the higher the total cost will be. It is advisable to check in advance how many workers are expected to take part in the transport. See if you can reduce how much you are having transported to reduce the number of employees needed.

Extra services

Usually, the cost of moving only includes basic services. That means that it includes removal, loading, transport, and unloading. Any additional service beyond this will cost extra.

Other services you may need include: packing; transportation of sensitive or extra-large items; use of a crane for inaccessible areas; dismantling and assembling; short-term furniture storage; and more. Remember to find out in advance what you need and how much it will cost.

Managing expectations

The size of your home and the volume of your belongings will also affect the cost. Pack wisely and try to reduce the number of boxes as much as possible. Dealing with a moving company is largely about managing expectations. As long as the company receives the details that affect the cost in advance, they should be able to provide an accurate and detailed quote. Problems arise when things are added at the last minute; Especially when these things require special transport conditions or equipment.

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