Costs of Moving Home that People Often Forget

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When hiring a moving company, many factors determine the price of the move. Some of these are less well known than others. This can be problematic when trying to find the best price for a moving company. Here are some of the factors affecting the cost of your move that most people forget about.

Access to the home

How difficult it is for a moving vehicle to access your home is something that a lot of people don't consider. There is a big difference between being able to park right next to the entrance and having to park on the street. The longer something has to be carried to be loaded, the more work it will make for the movers; The same applies to unloading. Usually, this will also lead to an increase in price. To increase access to your home there are a number of things you can do. The main thing being, if you live in an apartment building, you can save parking for the moving company. If there are car parks that are situated in a convenient location, you must secure these for the moving vehicle.

Even if you aren't in an apartment building, you may have to save parking on the street. These strategies are particularly important in places where parking is sparse, such as in the city. If the moving company has to park 100m away from the entrance due to lack of parking, that's going to be an issue.

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The distance from the moving company

The distance that it takes to get from one home to the other is an obvious factor in the cost of the moving company. However, many people fail to remember that the distance from your old home to the moving company will also add to their travel time. Every employee that is working on your move needs to be paid for this travel time. Not only that but, it also costs fuel. You must consider where a company is based when looking to hire a moving company. Sometimes, it may be cheaper to go with a slightly more expensive company if it is closer to your home.

Transporting heavy items

The transport of any exceptionally heavy items may also affect the cost of your move. What your specific moving company's policy on this is and what they consider to be 'heavy' is worth finding out beforehand. You don't want to get to the day of your move only to find out that you will have to pay extra for some of your furniture or appliances to be transported. The reason that it costs more to transport such items is that it is a lot more work.

This applies not just to heavy items but also to items that require particular skills or equipment to transport. A piano is a good example of this. Not only is a piano extremely heavy, but it is also fairly breakable with a lot of internal parts. This creates a lot more work for anyone that wants to transport it.

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